The way I see it, there are two things you can do when the weather gets cold and snowy; you can sit inside and mope about it, or you can go outside and have some fun in it.

Despite the frigid temperatures this past week, my kids have been having a ball playing outside in the snow, while I have sat inside and kept an eye on them. How pathetic am I? I have snow boots and snow pants, hats, and gloves, so it's about time I get my bootie outside and play with my kids.

Who Wants to Go Snow Tubing?

While sledding down the tiny hill in our front yard might not be my idea of a good time, tubing down the MASSIVE hill at the Snow Park at Alpine Hills in Rockford certainly is, and guess what?!? It's officially opening for the season this Saturday, January 8th!

Before you grab your winter gear and head out the door, there are a couple of things you should know;

  • The tubing lanes are the only thing opening at the Snow Park this weekend, the Terrain Park isn't quite ready to go yet.
  • Just like last year, you will need to reserve your tubing time slot in advance, and spots usually fill up fast! (Reserve your spot now by clicking here)
  • The Snow Park will not be open if the weather conditions are less than desirable or unsafe.

There's More Outdoor Fun Up For Grabs in Rockford This Weekend

The one good thing about frigid temperatures settling into the Stateline area is that it gets the ice on the lagoon outside the Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens ready to welcome ice skaters, so grab your skates and go hit the ice this weekend!

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