Now that we're about a hop, skip, and a jump away from Easter, I'm sure your family has a lot of egg dying, hunting, and eating in your future, but if you're looking for some more fun Easter things to add to your to-do list, here are some cool events and activities to check out.

kzenon, ThinkStock
kzenon, ThinkStock

Easter Egg Hunts in Northern Illinois

Each family has its own Easter traditions, and for my family, those traditions include hitting up as many Easter Egg Hunts as we can in the Stateline area. (Kids can never have too much candy, right? )

If your kids are into the thrill of finding eggs more than the actual eating of the candy, here are some of my kids' favorite Easter Egg Hunts to go on...

Those four Easter egg hunts may be my girls' favorites, but there are a TON of them happening in the Stateline area over the next two weekends. Check out the list at for more great egg hunt options, and places to see the Easter Bunny!

Fun Family Easter Activities

If you would like to add more activities to your Easter list than just dying and hunting for eggs, here are some craft projects I've done with my girls in past years that they really loved...

What fun traditions does your family do every Easter? Send me a message on the Q98.5 app so I can do them too!

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