Here comes Peter Cottontail... hopping down the bunny trail getting us ready for Easter with a delicious smoothie.

Easter is pretty late this year, which on one hand made me kind of forget about it and an the other hand makes me happy because it really gets to be more 'Spring-y,' when it's later in the season.

You know what's really Spring-y? Smoothies and when you add bunny ears, they're even more Spring-y!

I definitely stopped in my scrolling tracks when I came across this smoothie from Mary's Market.

I mean, c'mon - that's adorable! The Bunny Hop Smoothie is a strawberry smoothie with banana infused whipped cream and it's topped with marshmallow bunny ears - the cutest! I'm also really interested in the banana infused whipped cream, that sounds amazing. The Bunny Hop Smoothie is available until Easter. If you scroll through Mary's Market's Instagram feed, you'll also se their Easter cookie decorating kit for sale.




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Their 'Easter Brunch at Home,' combination and their reminder to order your Easter pies and other desserts.

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Are you ready for the Easter Bunny? How is your family planning to celebrate?

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