I've watched several regattas in my life, but the one thing I have never seen is a regatta comprised of cardboard boats, and man does this sound fun!

Hurricane Harbor Rockford to Host Cardboard Boat Regatta on July 29, 2022

Making things is my jam, but could I create a cardboard boat that several people could ride in and still keep afloat? I might just have to find out on July 29th at Hurricane Harbor Rockford...

This regatta is open to anyone adventurous enough to create a cardboard boat that will survive several trips up and down Hurricane Harbor's Tsunami Bay wave pool. Regatta teams can be made up of as many people as you want, as long as ALL team members can ride in the boat for the race.

What Can You Use to Make a Cardboard Boat?

If you're ready to take on this cardboard boat-making challenge, there are several construction rules that must be followed according to Hurricane Harbor Rockford's website;

  • Only corrugated cardboard can be used to construct your boat. Using non-corrugated or wax-coated cardboard will get you disqualified.
  • You can not use solid cardboard tubes, styrofoam, metal, or wood materials to make the boat studier or more floatable.
  • Decorating your boats in highly encouraged, but if you paint it, only "one-part" paint can be used. All types of boat decorations are allowed as long as they don't help reinforce the actual boat's construction.
  • Construction of all boats must be finished prior to arriving at Hurricane Harbor for the race.

Here are a few cardboard boat ideas I found on Pinterest to get get your creative juices flowing...

Are you ready to set your boat afloat? Get your team registered for Hurricane Harbor Rockford's Cardboard Boat Regatta here. (The deadline to sign up is July 21, 2022).

Good luck, sailors! Better start stocking up on duct tape now!

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