As technology continues to advance, it's not uncommon to see businesses come and go. Unfortunately, this is the fate that has befallen Camera Craft, one of Rockford's oldest existing businesses. On April 8th, Camera Craft will be closing its doors for the last time, leaving a void in the market for photo hobbyists and professional photographers alike.

A Legacy of Personal Care

Camera Craft has been around for a long time, and it has seen many changes over the years. From capturing photos on film cameras to digitally processing them on computers, Camera Craft has remained a constant in the community. What has always set them apart, though, is their personal attention to excellent customer care. It's not just about selling cameras and lenses; it's about building relationships with their customers and providing expertise that other retailers simply can't match.


A Storewide Sale

In the weeks leading up to its final closing, Camera Craft is holding a storewide sale. Their entire inventory is up for grabs, including display fixtures. Many items are being sold below cost, and there are even some free goods available. It's a bittersweet opportunity to take advantage of as we say goodbye to this beloved store.

A Piece of Rockford's History

As the last independently owned camera store between Aurora, Illinois and Madison, Wisconsin, Camera Craft is truly a piece of Rockford's history. It has been a part of the community for so long that it's hard to imagine downtown Rockford without it. For many of us, it's a place where we've bought our first cameras, had film developed, and sought advice on how to take pictures. It's a place where we've built relationships with the staff and where we've felt like part of the Camera Craft family.


Saying Goodbye

As we say goodbye to Camera Craft, it's hard not to feel nostalgic. We're losing more than just a store; we're losing a piece of our community's history. But we're also reminded of the importance of supporting local businesses and the value of personal care and expertise. It's up to us to keep that legacy alive in our own way.

In closing, we'd like to thank Camera Craft for being a part of our lives for so many years. We'll miss you, but we'll never forget the impact you've had on our community.

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