Packer fans have Ted Thompson to thank for a lot of the team's success. - Thompson served as the packers GM for 13 years, from 205-17. a tenure highlighted by the franchise's 13th championship and fourth Super Bowl title, along with six NFC North crowns, including a team-record four straight from 2011-14. He also helped the Packers make four appearances in the NFC Championship Game, the most in the NFC over that span.

Bear fans also have Thompson to thank for continuing their inferiority complex.

Fond memories of the former Packers GM have been pouring in over the last 24 hours:

The man he will forever be tied to (more on that in a bit):

The Pro Bowl tackle he traded to sign as a rookie:

The veteran cornerback that he gave a second career to:

That only scratches the surface. He seemed to be respected to a man, and was much funnier than he ever let the public in on.

He will be mostly remembered for having one of the greatest draft picks of all time. In the 2005 draft, he selected a quarterback out of California with the 24th pick of the draft.

Here's a quick list of those drafted before him:

Pro-football reference
Pro-football reference

There are some decent names on that list but no Hall of Famers.

Bear fans, I'd like you to take a look at who they drafted with the NUMBER 4 pick in this draft: Cedric Benson.

Let's take a look at how that went:


1500 rushing yards and 10 TDs over a three year period. Not great. Bear fans would fight to the death about who should be the starter between these two guys.

NOTE: There's a DISTINCT difference between the phrases "Rex Grossman led the Bears to the Super Bowl" and "the Rex Grossman led Bears head to the Super Bowl." Two very different sentences. I believe they used the wrong one in the above tweet.

It hasn't been a great 3+ decades for Bear fans.

Ted Thompson made sure Bear fans were always looking enviously northwards, wondering what it was like to have a competent front office.

RIP to one of the best GMs and people in football.

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