My name is Shannon, and I am a hoarder of old, plastic shopping bags.

I hate just throwing them in the trash, and as I write this I seriously have a garbage bag full of shopping bags in the back of my van that I am meaning to drop off at a bag recycling place like they have at Walmart. Since I also usually forget to get rid of my bag of bags each time I make a quick stop inside Walmart, I am thankful to know that there is another place in Rockford I can take them today that will seriously put them to good use.

Through February 15, 2021, Rockford Wellness Center at 6019 Fincham Drive will gladly accept your hoard of old plastic bags which they will then use to make sleeping mats for our area's homeless population.


You might be thinking that since we're still in the midst of a pandemic, and you have a whole lot of extra time on your hands and a plethora of old shopping bags, why not just make the sleeping mats yourself? I think that's a great idea that I might just do myself! I went on a search for how-to videos, and here is one I found to get you started...


FYI, you could even make a plastic handbag for yourself while you're at it just for funsies. Here's how...

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