'Tis the season for Christmas decorating, and if you're like me and went overboard buying real pumpkins to use as decorations around your home, it will soon be time to get rid of them. Instead of turning your garbage bin into a ton of bricks, give your pumpkins a new purpose feeding a bunch of cute animals.


Give Your Uncarved Pumpkins to Illinois Farmers

Many animals think pumpkins are a delicious snack, and I know there are several farmers in the Stateline area that would be more than happy to take your old pumpkins as food for their livestock.

Hoo Haven Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education Center in Durant will also gladly take all those pumpkins off your hands to feed many of the animals they care for on a daily basis.

If you don't know any local farmers, and can't make the drive to Hoo Haven to drop off pumpkins, here are a few more ways you can repurpose your pumpkins before they rot from bartonhillfarms.com;

  • Make A Bird Feeder - Cut off the top of your pumpkin, scoop it out just like when you carve it, fill it with birdseed, and hand it somewhere in your yard.
  • Feed It To Other Yard Critters - Chop up your pumpkin into little pieces and sprinkle them places in your yard where you know squirrels, deers, etc. may be foraging for food during the winter.
  • Add It To Compost - Chop up your pumpkin into little bits and add it to your compost. The pumpkin will add extra nitrogen when it decomposes, but remember to add some extra leaves to the stash to level out the nitrogen levels.

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