I don't like to talk smack about my home state, but I will admit that things can get a little crazier here than in other states.

A lot of people have been moving out of Illinois lately, but if relocating is just not in the cards for your family, but you're all about finding ways to do life easier, I think I may be able to help you with that thanks to my obsession with watching life hack videos. Let's start with some of my favorites that might help make winter in Illinois a little more bearable.

Winter Life Hacks

There are many things during an Illinois winter that give us grief, but the one that gets my blood boiling the most is when your car's windshield is covered with a thick sheet of ice. You know, the kind of ice that your ice scraper and frozen windshield wiper fluid can't handle. Next time you don't have the time to let your car warm up so the defroster setting can work its magic, just try this...

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Need more winter driving/car hacks? Check this video out...
How's about all those gloves, hats, and boots laying all over your house? Here are some awesome hacks for that too!

If organizing your home is really something you want to accomplish this winter or this year, this video has some great, simple ideas...

One of the biggest things I realized in 2021, was that people were getting their minds blown a lot by Tik Tok videos. I went on a search for the best life hack videos from Tik Tok last year, and I found this. I must say that some of these 'hacks' aren't things we should probably try, but they sure are fun to watch.


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