I may not be terrified of spiders, but I sure don't like them. I hate cleaning up their webs, and the other day I nearly puked while trying to kill the BIGGEST wolf spider I've ever seen in my basement.

If you too feel like you're always fighting a constant battle with spiders in your home, here is what you need to get ASAP...


This ugly, bumpy object is a Hedge Apple, and although rumor has it they taste like absolute garbage, tons of people rave about their superhero insect-repelling strength. Hedge apples are so popular you can actually buy them on Amazon, but why not shop local, like at Curran's Orchard,  to get the spiders out of your home?

If you're like me and are just hearing about the magic of hedge apples, here's what you should do after picking some up according to thehomespunhydrana.com;

simply gather the hedge apples and place them around the foundation of your home. You don’t need to bring them inside, you can just place them around the outside.

Hedge apples can be placed inside your home, but make sure you put them in some kind of dish because they will start to leak, and you don't want that nastiness all over your home. Experts say hedge apples should be replaced every 1 to 3 months for maximum insect repelling, and the more hedge apples you have, the better.

Another Glorius Thing About Hedge Apples

I have also learned that hedge apples don't just keep the spiders at bay. Other pests like mice, boxelder bugs, cockroaches, and crickets can't stand the smell of the hedge apple oils either, so it's a major win/win.

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