It is officially fall, according to the calendar.

This means everyone is dusting off their hoodies, making mad dashes to their favorite coffee spots for PSL (pumpkin spice latte), hitting up apple orchards, and lighting the bonfires. If you look closely you might even spot a misspelling, like 'pumkins'.

apple cider in gallon jugs
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With the season comes pumpkins and apples, we've established this.


if you are searching for the perfect fall apple orchards in Northern Illinois look no further:

  • Edwards Orchard West
  • Edwards Orchard in Poplar Grove
  • Curran's Orchard
  • Valley Orchard
  • The Apple Hut

You can read about each of their locations, what they offer, and more here.

What you won't find at any of these locations is this gift from Heaven.

This delicacy will only be available for one day only. If you have plans on this particular day you had better do some rescheduling because this will cause serious FOMO.

This treat sounds so good you may never crave another pumpkin spice anything as long as you live.


Can we just take a moment to applaud Cattie & Cream, located in Cherry Valley, Illinois for their genius (yet devious) plan of only serving up this primo sundae for only one single day?

The good news: this magic is only $6 each.

The bad news: don't risk having this rubbed in your face metaphorically speaking when all your friends post about it on social media Sunday night.

Apple Cider Donut Sundaes will be available THIS SUNDAY ONLY! One big scoop of ice cream (pictured here with Cinnamon), a warm Apple Cider Donut from Valley Orchard, and two toppings! $6. Available Sunday beginning at 11am.

I can not wait to try this.

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Fall seems to be the season most of us think we'll start exercising to lose the summer excess, but hold on, not so fast. You have to get a sack of donuts first.

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