Mike McCarthy can't yell at NFL officials anymore so he decided to take it out on some high school refs. 

McCarthy was fired from the Packers with four games left in the 2018 season and apparently still has some pent up anger.

Deadspin - After McCarthy’s stepson’s team lost by one point, McCarthy “chose to follow the officials and berate them, which is clearly unacceptable,” said Janel Batten, Pulaski’s athletic director, per Fox 11. “Some things were said, some language was used that we don’t want in our gym, unsportsmanlike language.” Fox 11 also reported that a formal complaint has been filed with the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association.

Normally, I wouldn't pile on a former Packers coach after they've been fired but official abuse has been in the spotlight lately.

Here are some results from a quick google search.


That's just the tip of the iceberg. Parent behavior towards lower-level officials has been atrocious for decades and now no one really wants to do it.

This is a video that Deadspin alleges is McCarthy following the officials off the court. It's tough to tell if it's actually him but there's a whole bunch of smoke for there not to be a fire.

Again the reason for this blog is to remind people that the men and women working your kid's games are just regular people that are taking time out of their day to help out. Are there bad officials? Yes. Should a high school game (or lower) ever make you so mad you verbally assault another human? Absolutely not.

Don't be like Mike here. Mike's a bad guy.

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