As of this writing, the Chicago Cubs have won 101 games, clinched their division, and sewed up home-field advantage throughout the National League playoffs. There's excitement about this team that hasn't been felt in ages, and many give credit to manager Joe Maddon, a man so beloved in Chicago that he'll probably never have to pay for dinner or drinks again. Ever.

So, other than perpetually bitter White Sox fans (along with the fans of any team the Cubs beat up on), who doesn't love this guy? He throws pajama parties on team flights, brings in zoo animals and magicians to delight and de-stress his superstars, and he came up with one of the more intriguing motivational phrases of all time: Try Not to Suck (which has been modified for the post-season into Try Not to Suck-tober). He also champions many charities and donates heavily to them.

Again, I ask, what's not to like? I guess we can ask the Men in Black (a.k.a. the umpires). As the title of this video proves, there's never a dull moment with Joe Maddon:


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