The unpopular White Sox hire just got a lot more unpopular. 

When Tony La Russa was hired by the White Sox, many did not think it would be a good fit for this young team. La Russa had a reputation (and earned one at that) for not embracing the "new" way both baseball was played and how the players acted on the field. The White Sox are a young, very exciting team with "colorful" personalities that just didn't seem like a good fit for the 76-year-old La Russa.

La Russa has been around seemingly forever and undeniably had success. His last stop in St. Louis in 2009 netted him a World Series title and when he retired many figured it would be his last stint as an MLB manager.

Then Jerry Reinsdorf entered the picture.

The White Sox owner fired La Russa as the manager of the White Sox back in 1986 and regretted it ever since. It was very apparent that Reinsdorf was going to make this hire with little to no input from his GM Rick Hahn.

No White Sox player was publicly excited for the hire after it happened and last week when rising star and face of the franchise, Tim Anderson was asked if he and La Russa had talked yet the White Sox SS responded "He has yet to reach out to me." That wasn't good.

Fast forward to last night when the news leaked that La Russa was charged with his second DUI since 2007 and it got significantly worse. It should be noted that in 2007 when La Russa received his first DUI for falling asleep at the wheel, a month later one of his players, Josh Hancock, died when he drunkenly drove his vehicle into the back of a truck. That should have been the end of La Russa flaunting the law while driving.


To make matters worse, the Whites Sox knew about this before hiring him and told no one that this might be coming down the pipeline.

This is affecting their ability to recruit free agents. One of the top free agents out there, pitcher Marcus Stroman, said on Twitter today the White Sox were out of contention because of Tony La Russa.

A promising White Sox season is quickly unraveling before their eyes and only one thing right now could solve it. Removing La Russa as manager of the team.

Will Jerry Reinsdorf do it? His track record says no, but he has to be hearing opposing voices now. They're louder than they ever have been before.


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