We are days away from Major League Baseball returning to our lives and the city of Chicago.

The White Sox open at home on Tuesday, April 12 against the Mariners. The Cubs, on  April 7 against the Brewers. Both teams recently released their promotion schedule for the 2022 calendar year. I already broke down the Theme Nights the Cubs will be holding here. 

Both teams listed all the special giveaways they will be doing throughout the year. There is your typical hats, beach towels, tote bags, and for some reason fanny packs, but we're here to talk about the crown jewel of ballpark giveaways. The Bobblehead.

Both teams will have five (5) bobblehead nights through the year. I have ranked each team's bobble heads from coolest to lamest, 1-5 like a starting lineup. We'll pair these bobbleheads up and see which ones are the best.

SPOILER ALERT: The White Sox run away with this competition but let's play along.

In the 5 hole...

5. Nick Madrigal (Cubs) vs Yasmani Grandal

attachment-VS (8)

Last year this would have been 2 White Sox players. Madrigal was traded to the Cubs last season and is one of the bright spots for the Cubs. Madrigal had a great season for the Sox last year and the fact that they got his chain right secures this for the South Siders.

Winner: White Sox

Nick Madrigal bobblehead day is August 6th against the Marlins.

Yasmani Grandal bobblehead night is July 23rd against the Guardians.

4. David Ross vs. Liam Hendricks

attachment-VS (9)

The one matchup the Cubs had a shot at falls short. David Ross is a legend but that bobblehead looks nothing like him. You could have given me 20 guesses and I don't think I would have landed on Ross. Hendricks on the other hand is awesome. The Aussie closer is known for yelling a little bit on the mound so the screaming bobblehead is perfect.

Winner: White Sox

David Ross bobblehead day is May 7th against the Dodgers.

Liam Hendricks bobblehead day is April 16th against the Rays.

3. Nico Horner vs Paul Konerko

attachment-VS (10)

This one isn't even close. Nico is a fine player and might turn into a star. Paulie is a legendary White Sox and is also holding a shield to tie into what I'm assuming will be some sort of Marvel night at the park.

Winner: White Sox

Nico Horner bobblehead day will be September 10th against the Giants.

Paul Konerko bobblehead night will be July 4th against the Twins

2. Marcus Stroman vs Tim Anderson

attachment-VS (11)

Marcus Stroman might be the most exciting player the Cubs have on the team but Tim Anderson delivered the most exciting ending during the 2021 season. His walkoff in the cornfields of Iowa against the Yankees will be remembered forever.

Two of the coolest cats in Chicago but Tim's history in town and the corn details in the bobblehead make this a runaway for Anderson.

Winner: White Sox

1.Patrick Wisdon vs Luis Robert AND Eloy Jiminez

attachment-VS (12)

This is a great Patrick Wisdom bobblehead. The "rookie" had a great year in 2021. Took the city by storm, and the bobblehead even has his signature jersey grab he does as he rounds the bases.

But this White Sox bobblehead might be the best one I've ever seen. Immortalizing one of the funnier on field moments from 2021 makes this a HOF bobble head.

A clean sweep by the White Sox in this highly scientific endeavor. Tune in to WROK all through the White Sox season to see if they can continue the hot streak.

1440 AND 96.1 WROK will be Rockford's summer home for White Sox baseball. It should be a fun one.

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