Bust out your light saber and aviator glasses, theme nights are returning to Wrigley Field for the 2022 baseball season.

The Cubs figure if they're only going to field a 70-win team to they better provide some entertainment in the stands. At least that's my prevailing theory on why the Cubs would feel the need to promote theme nights at Wrigley Field. A Cub fan would hope that the product on the field would encourage sell outs but until that happens we'll have to be entertained by a flotilla of baby sharks in the left field bleachers.

On Tuesday, the Cubs announced the dates of 7 theme nights at Wrigley. Let's take a look at what's on deck.

Note: The Cubs are calling these Theme Nights, but some are actually during the day.

Sunday, April 24th vs. Pittsburgh Pirates: Ozark Day

There were no explanations of what these nights mean but I'm assuming this is a reference to the Netflix show.

I have not seen Ozark yet, I mean to but just haven't gotten around to it yet, but from what I gather it's about a guy that launders money for his family. Unless this is code for the Ricketts somehow laundering money through the purchase of an English Premiere Soccer team, I'm not really sure how Ozark is a theme. Stay tuned for this one.

Monday, May 30th vs. Milwaukee Brewers: WWE Day

I'm admittedly in the minority when it comes to liking wrestling. Never did anything for me. I've tried to get into it. I like watching it with friends that know what's going on, but I'm so far behind, I'll never fully understand what's going on. I will probably be skipping Wrigley Field this day.

Sunday, June 19 vs. Atlanta Braves: Stranger Things Day

A lot of options here. Will it just turn into an 80s night with a few people dressed up for Dungeons and Dragons? Probably but seeing that this is one of three Netflix promotions on theme nights, I'm guessing there will probably be some pretty cool giveaways as well.

Tuesday, June 28 vs. Cincinnati Reds: Shark Week Night

Other than a half eaten scuba diver, I don't see any other appropriate outfits for this one than left shark. It will be a hilarious evening on the North Side.

Monday, August 8th vs Washington Nationals: Star Wars Night

Probably the crown jewel of theme nights for the 2022 season. Nothing gets fans out to dress up more than Star Wars. It also gives me an excuse to share a top 10 video of all time.

Friday, August 19 vs Milwaukee Brewers: Top Gun Day

The Chicago Air and Water show is being held the following Saturday and Sunday, so this is an obvious tie-in. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a show over the lake for attendees to watch before, after, or even during the game.

Pair that with a Wrigleyville filled with 80s era Tom Cruises, Meg Ryans, Anthony Edwards, and Kelly McGillises all donning aviators equals the first "must-go" Cubs game of the year.

And it's a Brewers game.

Sunday, September 18 vs. Colorado Rockies (and Kris Bryant): Sesame Street Day

This will be the only game I would avoid more than the WWE night. Not because I dislike Sesame Street, I was raised on Oscar and Grover, I just have no desire to go to a game that's populated by 15,000 8-year-olds.

I'm sure it will be an amazing atmosphere. I'll watch it from home.

That's the list. Any of those make you check your calendar?

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