Thursday, March 10th 2022 will always be remembered for being the day that Northwestern got housed in a Big Ten Tournament game by Iowa.

But seriously.

Thursday provided a roller coaster of emotions for fans of the Cubs, White Sox and Bears.

Optimism for baseball fans began in the morning when it was being reported that the two sides had come to an agreement over what was being reported as the final hurdle to end the lockout. International draft protocol.

An issue so petty, that if it's true that the owners threw it into the agreement at the last minute makes them look VERY aggressive in these late stages of negotiations.

Then Thursday morning reports began to come in that the two sides had come to an agreement on the international draft and a deal was eminent.

Then Jeff Passan got locked out of his Twitter account and baseball Twitter was losing their minds. Poor Jeff.

Then the flood gates opened at around 2PM with reports like this.

Baseball fans rejoiced. There hasn't been an official announcement from either side yet, but it looks like there will be 162 regular season baseball games played this year by every team in baseball. With full crowds.

The free agent circus started immediately.

That's newly acquired Cubs pitcher trying to recruit the top free agent out there to come to the Cubs. Baseball is about to get nuts over the next few weeks.

Then, an hour after we found out that baseball was back, Chicago fans found out that one of the All-Time Chicago greats would be leaving town.

Then, shortly after, it was official.

One of the best linebackers in the history of a team that is known for its Hall of Fame linebackers. I would share a YouTube video of Mack's highlights but the NFL doesn't let you embed YouTube videos of their stuff.

Here's a GIF of him throwing a 325 pound man around like a toddler.

With the exit of a top defensive player for a handful of draft picks screams REBUILD from the new Chicago Bears' regime loud and clear. Expect multiple more moves like this from Ryan Poles before this year's draft.

But seriously, how about Northwestern?

Iowa set Big Ten Tournament records for points, field goals (43) and 3 pointers (19).

The same Iowa team that just lost to Illinois Sunday night to give the Illini a share of the conference title.

Illinois plays Indiana tomorrow morning at 10:30AM. We'll have pregame for you on 1440 WROK starting at 930.

We'll also be your Rockford home for White Sox baseball as soon as we get details of then they're playing we'll let you know.

Big day for sports, Hopefully, brighter days are ahead for Chicago sports fans.

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