Having worked at a grocery store myself, I can tell you the secret is to create a cushion of eggs on the bottom of the bag, then dump the heaviest stuff on top. Or, something like that. It's been a few years...

Okay, I'm told that times have indeed changed. Today's smarter, better-informed, savvy shoppers apparently object to my old school method of "fragile stuff on bottom, destructively heavy stuff crammed on top."

Who knew?

This guy.

Sullivan's Foods, Facebook
Sullivan's Foods, Facebook

Stephen Benson, who works in Stockton at Sullivan's Foods, seems to have a somewhat better approach to the art of bagging than I did. That's probably why Stephen was just named "Best Bagger in Illinois" by none other than Sullivan's Foods.

Sullivan's sponsors an annual "Best Bagger" contest at each of their store locations. The winner of each store then progresses to a regional contest, then a state contest, and finally on to the national competition in San Diego.

Baggers are scored on speed and weight distribution, as well as attitude.

This is Benson's fourth year participating in the competition. He took second place his first two years and first place both last year and this year.

He goes on to compete in the national championship being held in San Diego in February.

They've been doing this for a while:

Remember, not all heroes wear capes: