This is considerably less than the proverbial bag of balls. 

The press release from a minor trade between the Cubs on Mets on Tuesday read like this:

The New York Mets have announced today that the team has acquired minor league outfielder Cameron Maybin from the Chicago Cubs in exchange for cash considerations. Maybin has been assigned to the Triple-A affiliate in Syracuse.

Maybin had been an addition to the team in 2020. The journeyman centerfielder had played in Detroit (3 times), Miami (twice), San Diego, Atlanta, Los Angeles (AL), Houston, Seattle, New York (AL),

He came to the Cubs in 2020 as a 4th outfielder and played in 19 games for the North Siders. With a log jam in the outfield for the Cubs in 2021, Maybin had been playing in AAA Iowa this season.

Then, today it was revealed just how much cash was exchanged for Maybin's services.

While it might initially look like the $1 fee was a slap in the face to the veteran outfielder, it was actually a pretty cool gesture by the Cubs. They let Maybin go for basically nothing because they liked him and knew he couldn't move up in their organization so they wanted to make sure he had a chance to catch on somewhere else.

Nice move by the Cubs. As a Cub fan, I'm glad there isn't a major controversy brewing in their clubhouse like another team in town.

If you need a quick primer on what's going on with the White Sox this video will help. There's some salty language, slightly NSFW.

It's hard to believe that someone can be this stupid about something so stupid. I almost think this has to be an act. A performance piece that the whole team is in on. It's really the only thing that makes sense at this point.

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