Part of success is seeing the people who got you there getting better jobs with other organizations. 

Shiraz doesn't get mentioned in the same breath as Theo or Jed very often but he was very important to the club's success since he joined the team in 2011.

CubsInsider -  His duties have been varied, but consisted largely of developing the team’s database and coordinating technological efforts to better evaluate players. Something of an Epstein clone, at least on paper, Rehman is quite literally one of the smartest men in the room.

Being in charge of the Cub's analytics is a big deal. Theo Epstein is always talking about their "proprietary numbers" that help them scout players and develop the team. Shiraz was the man behind all of that.

The fact that this is basically a lateral move is interesting. Considering that he had been in the talks to be the GM for the Twins two years ago. Perhaps he sees a path to the top of the Texas organization that he didn't with the Cubs. We don't know.

This news comes on the heels of the report that another assistant GM for the Cubs, Jason McLeod, is in the running for the top spot with the Giants or the Mets.

It looks like Theo Epstein's tree is about to get a little bigger and the way he runs a team could be adopted by some others in the league.

It's a copycat league and what better way to copy than to get the original architects on your own team.

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