According to an informal survey of the radio station's hallways, it's the most hated candy in our building, too.

I'm not being a band-wagon jumper here, but when I consider my least-favorite (by a long shot) Halloween candy, I'm going with candy corn every single time.

The only Halloween treats that may rank as low (on my scale) as candy corn would be those orange and black individually wrapped "peanut butter" candies, or the popcorn balls that my elderly neighbor-lady used to make when I was a kid. She had multiple cats living with her, and each year I'd come home with gross ball of stale popcorn that was about three-quarters covered in different colors of cat hair. Ewwwwww.

Halloween Express, an online seller of Halloween costumes and other supplies, polled more than 2,000 Americans, asking them their favorite, and least favorite, Halloween candy.

The Patch has the numbers on Illinoisans and our least favorites:

Illinois was one of the 21 states where candy corn topped the list of candies sure to make your Halloween guests grimace. The Land of Lincoln also was in line with the survey's overall results, which saw 11.7 percent of all respondents say the waxy orange, white and yellow kernels are their least favorite candy.

Licorice (8.3 percent) came in second on the no-thank-you list, followed by Jawbreakers (7.1 percent) Raisinets (5.6 percent) and Hot Tamales (4.3 percent).

Here's what some of our Midwestern neighbors would prefer not to find in their Halloween goodie-bags:

  • Wisconsin: Pixie Sticks and Licorice
  • Iowa: Jawbreakers and Candy Corn
  • Missouri: Raisinettes
  • Indiana: Licorice
  • Michigan: Candy Corn
  • Kentucky: Necco Wafers

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