For those wondering about Illinois' favorite way to get a good sugar-shock, look no further than the humble Peep.

It's not necessarily the king of Easter candy in my house, but several surveys have come out recently stating that we Illinoisans just can't get enough Peeps, and who are we to argue with quasi-scientific studies about multi-colored, sugar covered chunks of marshmallow?

Maybe you're well-steeped in Peeps lore, or perhaps you're normal. Whichever category you fall into, here are a few things about Peeps that you may have been unaware of, courtesy of The Pantagraph:

  • Peeps hit the market in 1953: Peeps celebrated their 65th anniversary in 2018. Just Born began making the marshmallow treats in 1953, after purchasing The Rodda Candy Company from Lancaster, Pa.
  • Peep's manufacturer Just Born is a family business: Just Born Quality Confections has been in business since 1923 and is now in its third generation of family ownership.
  • It takes 6 minutes to make a Peep: When it first started making Peeps in 1953, it took 27 hours to create Peeps chicks, according to the company. Now, with modern technology, it takes six minutes.
  • Peeps lost their wings: Peeps once had wings, but they were removed by Just Born in the late 1950s.
  • There are a lot of Peeps produced each year: Were you of a mind to line them up next to one another, the number of Peeps produced by Just Born in one year would circle the Earth twice.
  • Yellow is the best selling color: Yellow is the best selling color of Peeps chicks and bunnies in the United States. The marshmallow candies were originally yellow and white, followed by pink, lavender, blue, green and orange.
  • Chicks have more calories than bunnies: Each Peeps chick has 28 calories. Bunnies have 27.5 calories. Both have 0 grams of fat.
  • Peeps can also come covered in chocolate: Chocolate Dipped and Chocolate Covered Peeps chicks were introduced to the public for Easter 2010.
  • Peeps aren't just for Easter anymore: Peeps are available at all major seasons, including Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter and Summer.

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