Cool weather has landed in the Stateline, along with lots and lots of germs. Doctors are recommending you fight off those germs by getting the flu shot before Halloween.

Yesterday my seven-year-old niece told me all about how she got her flu shot Saturday and her arm was recovering.

She and her mother are pretty smart to make that decision in the middle of October because she was one of the many kids who were sick with the flu last December.

According to WGN-TV, last season was an incredibly terrible flu year that resulted in deaths across the country. WGN reports that 85% of the children who died from the flu hadn't gotten a flu shot.

So what does the Halloween deadline have to do with all of this?

Because the flu shot isn't like an Advil.

You take a pain reliever and the pain goes away until it wears off, the flu shot, on the other hand, needs time to get into your system and protect your body.

ABC 7 in Chicago reports that getting the flu shot before Halloween gives you time for the vaccine to settle in before peak flu season which starts in December.

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