If you were up early enough this morning you might have noticed the slight drizzle was falling a little slower than normal. 

That's because it was technically snow. I for one was shocked. I was walking to my car and looked up, said a really bad word, then came to work.

It was all over during the 5 o'clock hour but it was enough to be official.

This is early but not as early as it has been in the past. Here are some snow numbers for Rockford from the National Weather Service.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

As you can see we're about two and a half weeks early for the normal first trace of snow and about two weeks past the earliest trace in the area's history.

The good news is that we're normally at least a month away from having measurable snow. The bad news is that we've already passed the date for the earliest on record. That means you should probably take stock on where you stored the shovels this weekend before it's too late.

Remember the 80-degree temps last week? It looks like those are behind us until about May.

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