Our local results may vary, but a new national study says the man who wears the crown is the guy who hands you your food the fastest.

For being royalty, this guy doesn't mind handing out the food in a hurry to common folk like us.

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A QSR Magazine study says that it took only three minutes and 13 seconds from the point of placing your B.K. order to the moment of the hand-off of food.

The team at QSR looked at a number of factors, though perhaps most notably they compared the speed of service, or in other words, how long you can expect to wait on average between placing your order in line from your car and getting your food.

The average wait for all chains rose by about nine seconds, continuing a gradual increase that's been taking place for over a decade.

Burger King tops the list at 3 minutes and 13 seconds of wait time (on average), after being 3rd in 2016, and 4th in 2017.

Here are the top ten speediest drive-thrus, along with their average wait times:

  1. Burger King (Average wait time: 193.31 seconds)
  2. Dunkin' (200.74 seconds)
  3. KFC (218.95 seconds)
  4. Wendy's (226.07 seconds)
  5. Taco Bell (236.50 seconds)
  6. Arby's (237.93 seconds)
  7. Carl's Jr. (252.91 seconds)
  8. Hardee's (255.83 seconds)
  9. Chick-Fil-A (260.85 seconds)
  10. McDonald's (273.29 seconds)

From Thrillist:

The study found that drive-thru times have slowed nearly all across the board, with the overall average up by nine seconds. However, it attributes the drop in speed to the fact that drive-thru traffic is up in general. According to the study, most chains report that roughly 70% of their sales are at the drive-thru window, so it makes sense that wait times have somewhat suffered. Also, the study acknowledges that chains seem to be more and more focused on order accuracy (statistics for that are up across the board), which reasonably may require some extra time.


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