For some reason, people like candy corn, and a brewery in Wisconsin wants to combine that perfect Halloween taste into one limited time brew.

In West Allis, Wisconsin, roughly an hour and a half from Rockford, the Westallion Brewing Company is taking candy corn and creating something called Candy Corn Cream Ale.

They even had a Candy Corn Cream Ale tasting last week. The Facebook event says "we just couldn’t help but wonder what candy corn would be like as a beer.....our love runs that deep."

To make the beer, Westallion created their very own type of candy corn using what they call "less beer destructive ingredients and threw them into our beer."

Reviews have been good so far with one Facebooker saying the Candy Corn Cream Ale is "amazing."

Personally, the thought of eating candy corn is what makes Halloween one of my least favorite days of the year.

However, I'm always up for trying new things, and I'm totally down with taking a trip to West Allis to see what this Candy Corn Cream Ale is all about.

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