The Cubs are off to a slow start and now this happens. 

If you've spent anytime around Wrigleyville you have probably had some sort of interaction with Ronnie Woo Woo.

Ronnie has been hanging around Cubs games for years yelling his signature "Cubs woo" chant. If you're not familiar here's a sample.

Is it funny? Maybe for 30 seconds. Do you want him out of your ear-space immediately? Yes.

Where Ronnie Woo Woo gets his money has always been a mystery. He doesn't appear to have a job, yet is seemingly at a lot of Chicago sporting events that you usually have to pay money to gain entrance.

This brings us to today's Sun Times story. They're reporting that Cubs security is cracking down on Ronnie free loading his way into games and have been kicking him out.

I honestly don't see the story here. You don't have a ticket, you don't get to come to the games. Management may have appreciated the side show ten years ago when the Cubs were about everything EXCEPT the players on the field but there's a new sheriff in town and his name is Theo.  You may have noticed that the Cubs are pretty popular right now and they don't really have any problems attracting people to the games.

Ronnie Woo Woo, it was fun while it lasted but it might be time to hang up the uniform and rest the vocal chords. Just be a normal fan and boo the Cardinals at every chance you get. That's how we do things around here.



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