To paraphrase Princess Leia "Nico, you're our only hope."

Things aren't great in Cubsville. If you weren't paying attention over the weekend, they dropped three straight to division rival Milwaukee but the injuries were the main story.

It broke on Friday that Javy Baez had a hairline fracture in his thumb and his return is up in the air, probably not for a while.

Then on Sunday, this happened to Addison Russell.

NOTE: I was going to insert a tweet of Addison getting smoked in the face with a fastball but apparently MLB has pulled all the video off the internet. You can see it in the link in this tweet. Thanks, baseball.

Here's just the beginning of the list of things that are wrong with the Cubs right now.

But Nico is coming!! Look he's been really good in the minors but if you're relying on a player you just drafted LAST YEAR to turn your season around, it might already be too late.

We're pulling for Nico but it definitely is a little darker over here in Cubs fandom.

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