David Ross has been getting a lot of publicity lately for being a good dancer. He must have left some of that mojo behind for the bullpen. 

A little backstory here. When the Cubs redid Wrigley Field they moved the bullpens from foul territory to underneath the bleachers. Each bullpen has a monitor showing what the other bullpen is doing. I'm not sure if this is a rule in baseball so you can see what the opponent is doing or just a Wrigley quirk but that's how it's set up.

Then comes Friday's game that was marred by a 2 hour rain delay. Bullpens are already a weird place. When you get 12 dudes in a confined space everyday with nothing to do but throw a baseball they get creative.

That is what lead to the glorious clip above. Just some fun loving dudes entertaining each other out of boredom. I'm biased but I'm pretty sure the Cubs won this one going away. Only real highlight from the Brewers pen was this guy:

Brewers Dancing

Not sure who he is but he certainly is limber.

Here's hoping that rain delay dance-offs become a thing because whenever you cross baseball players with free time you always get fun results.

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