Over the last couple of years, we've seen many malls around the country changing their "Youth Policies," or to put it a different way, how welcoming they'll be to teens during certain hours.  CherryVale Mall is the latest to make a change.

This morning, CherryVale held a news conference to outline the new youth policy.

The mall says that starting Friday, March 17, anyone under the age of 18 will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian 21-years-old or older to enter the mall on Friday and Saturday evenings after 4 p.m. The mall also says that this policy can be implemented at any other day or time as management sees fit.

So, does CherryVale's policy differ from other malls? Not all that much. Here's the "Parental Escort Policy" at the Mall of America:

At Mall of America®, safety is a top priority.

We welcome all youth to Mall of America; however, on Friday and Saturday evenings youth under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult 21 years or older from 4 p.m. until close. Please note that during the holiday season, we have extended our Parental Escort Policy to include Black Friday through Saturday and December 26 - 31. The PEP policy will be enforced during mall hours on those dates.

One adult may supervise up to 10 youth. During the Parental Escort hours, anyone 21 years or younger should be prepared to show a Mall of America employee an identification card or one of the following photo I.D.s:

United States Driver's License
United States State-issued I.D.
Resident Alien Card
United States Military I.D.
Mexican Consulate I.D.
Canadian I.D.
No form of college or high school I.D. will be accepted, even if accompanied by a state driver's license permit application.

From the Chicago Tribune, here's the Fox Valley Mall policy:

The mall welcomes all ages, but on designated days when big crowds are anticipated, the mall may enforce the policy from 4 to 9 p.m., when the mall closes. The policy, announced by the mall in a Facebook post, states that on parental escort days, one adult who is at least 21 may supervise as many as four youths. Youths are not required to carry identification, but accompanying adults and guests 18 to 25 years old must be prepared to show a photo ID, according to the policy. The policy lists valid identification as a U.S. driver's license, U.S. state-issued ID card, resident alien card, passport, U.S. military ID, Mexican Consulate ID and Canadian ID.

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