CherryVale Mall Has a New Youth Policy
Over the last couple of years, we've seen many malls around the country changing their "Youth Policies," or to put it a different way, how welcoming they'll be to teens during certain hours.  CherryVale Mall is the latest to make a change.
The Surprising Reason Millennials Won't Get Hired
Tens of thousands of college graduates are about to enter the employment market, all searching for that elusive first job. We've heard many times about the unemployment and underemployment problems that 20-29 years old have had in recent years, but is that all the fault of a lousy economy...
Winnebago County Joins Redeploy Illinois Program
Jim Anderson -- Illinois Radio Network
The state has kept kids out of prison by keeping them out of prison.
An analysis by the Illinois Department of Human Services finds that the Redeploy Illinois program, under which juveniles who commit low-level crimes receive counseling in their communities, plus…