The Bears are excited by what Tarik Cohen might do on the gridiron next year, they should be impressed by what he's doing off of it. 

Back in April, Hampton Elementary School in Greensboro, North Carolina was hit by a pretty devastating tornado.

ProFootballTalk - Cohen, who grew up in the area and went to college in Greensboro at North Carolina A&T, showed up at the school with brand new equipment for their gym classes.

This is a pretty cool move. Cohen not only funded the donation from his own pocket but took time out of his schedule to deliver them personally.

There's a lot of negative energy being focused on the players in the NFL nowadays. It's nice to see one of the many guys who do good for their community get some recognition.

Well done Tarik. Now it's time to study the playbook. We have big expectations for the Bears this season.

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