Season ticket holders are confused about when exactly their payments are due. 

SunTimes - In the wake of all the financial uncertainty caused by the coronavirus outbreak, the Bears told some fans this week that the deadline to pay for season tickets Friday has been delayed — for two weeks — even though a team spokesperson later denied that was the case.

Originally the final payment for season tickets was due tomorrow, March 20. Fans that called the Bears were told that the deadline had been pushed back 2 weeks to April 3, but not team officials are saying that isn't the case.

The Bears need to get in front of this and extend the deadline much longer than 2 weeks. Their rivals to the north, the Packers, have extended the deadline to June 1.

Fans might be financially strapped at the moment as some might not want to invest in a season that could be shortened or not even happen. Everything is still on the table.

If you or anyone you know has questions about this, you can contact the Bears (I'm sure they'd love to hear from you) at (847) 615-BEAR.

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