Remember ladies, this man has a girlfriend. 

It's been a good year for the Cubs first baseman. First he helped bring a World Series to Chicago. That's really all you need to do in my eyes to have a good year. But God apparently decided that more good fortune need to fall upon Anthony Rizzo.

Exhibit A: Those gorgeous curly locks. If I grow my hair out it literally just grows out. Like straight out. Straw-like has been used as an adjective for my hair. Rizzo? Gets the hair of an angel. Not fair.

According to Mark Grote, it'll be cut soon. Probably orders from his lovely girlfriend. She's already battling every woman in Illinois, she doesn't need this.

I personally think he should leave it. Maybe it has a Samson quality to it and Rizzo would hit 60 bombs with it. I guess we'll never know.

In other news Cub broadcasts are coming to Rockford. Exciting news.


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