In 2021, seeing a package resting on a house's steps or front porch is not uncommon. Arguably, it is almost weird not spotting a package in front of a home a few times a month. And, some of these packages being delivered are becoming larger and larger. This is the case for a home in the Chicagoland area this week, which almost yielded a dangerous situation. Luckily, an Angel was nearby and came to the rescue.

Last weekend, a UPS driver was out and about doing his usual deliveries when he heard a cry for help. "I was yelling, 'help'!", the boy said in an interview with ABC7. The UPS driver heard the small boy and, without hesitation, sprung into a sprint to help him. The driver, Marco Angel, has some serious speed, too. Also, did you catch that last name? What a fitting name for a man who helped pull off a 90-pound package the little guy tried to move by himself. All of this was captured on the home's RING cam, by the way.

Max's mom, Traci, shared the surveillance footage on Facebook along with a reminder that heroes aren't just in comic books.

Thankfully, Marco Angel was in the right place at the right time or little Max could have found himself in a dangerous spot, literally. Let this be a reminder to be nice to your package delivery people.

If you know someone in the Rockford area who is deserving of recognition, like Marco, you should nominate him or her to be a Hometown Hero.

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[h/t ABC7]

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