UPS To Hire Workers In Rockford For The Holiday Season
If you are looking for extra cash this holiday season, UPS is looking for you.
WREX TV says that UPS will hire over 1,000 workers here in the Rockford area. Some of the positions will be seasonal, and some will be permanent.
The positions they will be hiring will include truck drivers, package ca…
UPS Hiring in Rockford for the Holidays
If you're looking to pad your holiday income this year, UPS has some good news for those in the Rockford area: they're hiring!
This holiday season, UPS is gearing up to deliver nearly 630 million packages. As you might imagine, they need enough people to get those packages where they need t…
UPS Recruiting at Workforce Connection
For those looking to increase their earning capabilities, I've got some good news, courtesy of our friend, John Strandin, at the Workforce Connection. UPS will be recruiting tomorrow, September 29th, from 9am-Noon, at the Workforce Connection, 303 N...

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