Joe Ragusa -- Illinois Radio Network

A Republican presidential candidate is showing his support for a fellow Republican who's running for Illinois' 18th Congressional District.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker appeared alongside State Senator Darin LaHood Monday at Chuck's Harley Davidson in Bloomington.

LaHood said it's great having the support of a presidential candidate who believes in many of the same ideas.

"Somebody that stands for principle. Somebody that stands for fiscal responsibility, ethics and transparency," LaHood told the crowd. "Somebody that stands up for life, somebody that stands up for the Second Amendment."

Walker said his record in Wisconsin makes him a great candidate for president.

"We cut individual income taxes and employer taxes. In fact, we cut property taxes so much, they're lower today in my state than they were four years ago. No other Governor can say that," Walker said. "We did other things as well. We defunded Planned Parenthood well long before any of these videos and passed pro-life legislation.

Walker says he's kept a close eye on Illinois' budget situation and has kept in touch with Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner.

"I talked to him earlier today and said 'hang tough.' He clearly told folks what he was going to do. He even evoked me and former (Indiana) Gov. Mitch Daniels and said he's going to stand up and do the right thing," Walker said. "One of the things we did was try to think more about the next generation than just about the next election. I think that's the kind of leader you have in Gov. Rauner."

Walker is among at least 16 Republicans running for president. LaHood faces Democrat Rob Mellon Sept. 10 for Aaron Schock's former congressional seat.

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