102 Year Old Chicago Voter Will Inspire You to Get to The Polls
Are you registered to vote? You can check if you are, and if you're not you can register HERE! 
I hope this year has been enough to inspire you to vote, but if it hasn't, I've got a story that will have you triple checking you're registered and ready to vote...
Ed Klein: Hillary Clinton Is Unlikeable and Untrustworthy
When author Ed Klein's last book was released, he was kind enough to join us a couple of times on the show to discuss Blood Feud, his expose of the relationship between the Clintons and the Obamas.
Now Klein is back with a new book, Unlikeable: The Problem With Hillary, and Ed returned to talk about …
Kinzinger: Shutting Down Gov't Won't Help Pro-Life Cause
Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger joined the show this week to talk about the strategy in the House regarding the effort to defund of Planned Parenthood. Last week, the House voted to freeze money to the organization for one year to allow an investigation to take place...
Listen To the Second Republican Presidential Debate on WROK
The 2016 Presidential race is well underway and this week the second Republican debate can be heard live right here on WROK.
The September 16 debate will be held at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley. The top 10 candidates overall -- plus Carly Fiorina, whose average support places her within the…
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Swings Through Illinois
Joe Ragusa -- Illinois Radio Network
A Republican presidential candidate is showing his support for a fellow Republican who's running for Illinois' 18th Congressional District.
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker appeared alongside State Senator Darin LaHood Monday at Chuck's Harley Davidson i…
Sen. Kirk to Donald Trump: 'Shut Up'
John Gregory -- Illinois Radio Network
U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk has two words of advice for Donald Trump, and only one if he’s speaking Spanish.
“There’s a good Spanish word…callate, to Trump, which is ‘shut up,'” Kirk said...
Carly Fiorina Officially Enters the Race For President
Another candidate officially has entered the race for the Republican nomination for president. Earlier this morning, former HP executive Carly Fiorina told ABC's Good Morning America she's in. Here's the announcement:
ABC Breaking US News | US News Videos
Fiorina called herself the best person for the…

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