The saying "Rules are made to be broken" did NOT apply to this little guy who just wanted to give his big sister a hug after her team won the state title in basketball. 

We've all witnessed someone who has too much power wield it at the wrong time.  This appears to be what happened at the Wisconsin Division 1 Girls Basketball Championship.

According to this article out of Appleton, Wisconsin the player in question is Sydney Levy, a junior standout from Appleton North. Sydney and her younger brother Jaylen have a tradition that he gives his big sister a hug after every game.

Jaylen was all lined up for an excellent hug until this lady:

Angry lady

decided that good clean family fun should not take place at a basketball game and turned a happy toddler about to hug his sister into a terrified little boy with about the saddest face you've ever seen.

sad boy

I mean look at that face. I don't have a single paternal bone in my body and all I want to do is take that kid out for ice cream to make him feel better.

The Wisconsin High School Athletic Association has since issued an apology. Let's take a look at how sincere it was.


I ran this through the BS-translator and this is what came out.

We don't want a mad rush onto the court after every celebration so we made a rule that no one can come onto the court after the game.

This actually kind of makes sense. Court storming can be a problem. Unless the court is being stormed by adorable 4-year-olds then it's kind of cute.

We can't be expected to know every stupid thing your team does after a game so we will apply the above rule in a blanket fashion with no reasonable or logical exceptions.

We also apologized to the whiny family so hopefully everybody can shut up about this and shove this 6-second video where the sun don't shine.

I apologize for the kind of graphic language above. I don't control the BS-translator, I just run it.

Congrats to Syd and her teammates on the championship season. Hopefully this will teach everyone involved a lesson.  And that lesson is hopefully to do everything in your power to avoid making a cute kid make this face.

sad boy

Seriously though. Saddest thing ever.

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