Perhaps you've read about various studies linking grilled meats to potentially cancer-causing compounds. Are you worried every time you wants burgers, brats, and hot dogs that you might be contributing to your early death?

The Washington Post recently dug a little deeper to try to figure out if grilling is harmful enough to reconsider our love of grilled meat. The writers found a couple of things.

First, more studies are investigating the compounds and and cancer in humans and the link still is not definitive. And given the uncertainties, it’s impossible to declare how much grilled meat is safe. As in many others aspects of life, experts simply recommend moderation. They also have some tips to pass along:

Microwaving ground meat for two to three minutes and pouring off the juices before cooking can reduce the precursors of the carcinogens, she says. Another good strategy is to employ some patience and not expose the food to direct heat. Don’t char or burn meat, and cut off burned portions...A 2012 study found that well-done meat had 3 1/2 times the amount of HCAs that medium-rare meat did...Wrap your meat in foil to protect it from smoke. If you can, cut away fat before grilling.

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