Scot and I have often discussed our country's (and, to be honest, the entire world's) obsession with the lawsuit. People will sue one another for just about anything, and many times, to the chagrin of common-sense minded folks, those same people will walk off with a huge pay day. Hot coffee at the McDonald's drive-through ring any bells? One of our favorite publications is Lawsuit Abuse Fortnightly, which chronicles some of the most outrageous suits from across the country.

There is no denying that there are people out there who are just looking for a reason to go after those with deeper pockets.

For example, let's look at the case involving a sugar dispenser and a sweet-faced, almost 3 year old girl named Robyn Behan. Robin sued (through her mother, Vanessa) a Dublin, Ireland restaurant called Eddie Rockets.

Why? According to a story in the British paper, The Mirror:

The case was taken after Robyn got her finger stuck in an 8mm hole in the dispenser in September 2011.

Wow. Now that's some trauma.

The court heard how staff failed to release Robyn's finger using soap and other lubricants and she was eventually taken to Temple Street Children's Hospital where they had to cut the metal lid.

They must have, what, cut off her finger? Her hand? The whole arm? No, nothing like that. Apparently, Robyn's mom thought the restaurant should have warned her that the sugar dispenser on the table was a hazard to anyone who foolishly sat there.

Okay. So, how much money were Robyn and Vanessa awarded?

After hearing the details of the case President of the High Court Judge Nicholas Kearns said: "Quite frankly, this is another case of compensation culture gone mad concerning an extraordinary suggestion that the restaurant should have warned Robyn's mother when she was being shown to a table that the sugar dispenser had a risk associated with it."

He awarded costs of the case against Ms Behan.

Thanks Judge Kearns. Thanks for a bit of common sense. I hope it's contagious.

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