The Illinois State Rifle Association and the Second Amendment Foundation filed a lawsuit on behalf of two Illinois residents, claiming it takes too long to process paperwork required to own and carry firearms.

The Second Amendment Foundation and Illinois State Rifle Association have filed suit in U.S. District Court against the Illinois State Police, ISP Director Brendan Kelly and Jessica Trame in her official capacity as Bureau Chief of the Illinois State Police Firearms Services Bureau, alleging they have "allowed Firearm Owner Identification Card and Concealed Carry applications to languish for interminable periods, thus violating the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Illinois citizens."

ISP on Tuesday showed off their new and allegedly improved FOID card call center at the agency's headquarters in Springfield, and authorities there tried to blunt what has been a public relations calamity.

Applicants are entitled, under the law, to have their cards issued within 30-days. Police officials say that in 2019 it took an average of 65 days for renewal of a FOID card. They say 90% of applicants did have their FOID paperwork processed in less than a month.

This comes as police officials are pressing for legislation now in the state general assembly that would tack fees onto FOID card paperwork and they say allow for safer and faster processing.

Ryan A. Thomas and Goran Lazic, say they've been waiting since 2017 for their FOID cards and Conceal Carry licenses.

There are nearly 2.3 million FOID card holders in Illinois and the I-Team has received gun-owner reports of problems in processing, from website issues to state phones going dead.

Illinois state police officials say they have a plan to upgrade FOID technology in 2020 that centers on implementation of a Voice over Internet Protocol, and features automated interactions and call backs.

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