The Illinois State Police (ISP) says that adding more staff and upgrading their technology has resulted in a lot less waiting time (or significantly reduced wait times) for Illinois Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) cards.

How significant are the reduced wait times? The ISP says that the FOID card backlog has been cut by 75% for new applicants and 89% for renewals.

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Complaints Have Been Running Hot And Heavy For Several Years

We've been talking for a long while now about the huge backlog of first-time applications and renewals for Illinois' FOID card, and the many Illinoisans who've been waiting for months and months to receive their cards. Some have claimed to still be waiting after a year, and I've personally spoken with several people who have been waiting for 6 to 9 months. To be fair, I've also heard from some of you who got a very quick turnaround from filing your paperwork to getting your card.

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The Demand For FOID Cards In Illinois Keeps Going Up

Which also obviously means the demand for firearms by Illinois residents has been hitting unprecedented levels over the last year or so. ABC-7 Chicago:

Applications for the cards surged last year, while staffing levels remained stagnant.

"In 2020, the FSB received an unprecedented number of new FOID and CCL applications. At its peak, applications for new FOID cards hit nearly 143,000 in October 2020," officials said.

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If you've wanted to apply for a FOID card for the first time, or you're looking to renew but you've held off because of the long wait times, this might be a good time to get that paperwork wrapped up. Click here for more info on getting or renewing a FOID card, or looking into Illinois' requirements for concealed carry.

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