Can we just all agree the holiday season is officially here? We may not have carved the Thanksgiving turkey yet, but I'm willing to bet a lot of people have already started their Christmas shopping, decorating, and planning. For many families, sending out Christmas cards is an annual tradition, but too often they are sent out with a huge,  glaring mistake that always drives me NUTS. (The same mistake is often made on Christmas ornaments too...please don't let it happen to you.)

The Biggest Mistake People Make When Sending Holiday Cards

For the record, I do not pride myself on being a member of the grammar police. In fact, I can pretty much guarantee I will make some grammatical errors in this article I am currently writing, but the one thing I will never, ever do is this...

Or this...

Can you spot the problem in both of those pictures?

Let's put it this way, when signing your family's Christmas cards, would you put; "Love, The Zimmermans" or "Love, The Zimmerman's"?

Still not sure what the correct answer is? How's about a quick grammar lesson from Miriam-Webster;

The plurals of last names are just like the plurals of most nouns. They typically get formed by adding -s. Except, that is, if the name already ends in s or z. Then the plural is formed by adding -es.


For further explanation of how to make last names plural, please watch this video that always makes me smile, and just remember, if all else fails, you can always just sign "The Zimmerman Family" and leave the plural debacle behind.

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