Judge Sentences Woman to Walk 30 Miles
You've gotta love Lake County, Ohio, Judge Michael Cicconetti. He runs a tight ship, with a wildly creative streak.
Known for his innovative sentencing, Judge Cicconetti believes that there are ways other than incarceration to impose justice and teach a lesson at the same time...
How Do You Vote for Judges? The ISBA Has Some Help
Jim Anderson -- Illinois Radio Network
How do you know how to vote for judges?  The Illinois State Bar Association has some help.
The lawyers’ group polls lawyers and asks about those running for circuit court, and does an in-depth analysis – including an in-person interview – of those running for App…
Who Are You Calling “Litigious?” I’ll Sue You!
Scot and I have often discussed our country's (and, to be honest, the entire world's) obsession with the lawsuit. People will sue one another for just about anything, and many times, to the chagrin of common-sense minded folks, those same people will walk off with a huge pay day...