It's time to get excited White Sox fans. 

Full disclosure, I am a Cubs fan. I am also a Cub fan that's a little jealous of the White Sox right now.

I remember what this feeling was like. You've been "following" a tanking (on purpose) team for a few years and it's starting to pay off. White Sox fans could very well look back at this signing the same way Cub fans look back on the Chris Bryant signing. That's how good this kid can be.

That video of him destroying the competition last year should be enough to sell some tickets on the south side next year.

And the contract is pretty team friendly.

The "service time" part is significant as well. Going back to the Bryant comparison, the Cubs waited about 3 weeks into the season to bring Bryant up his rookie season because that gave the Cubs an extra year of control over Kris Bryant. While that made sense at the time, rumors are floating around that Bryant and his agent weren't too happy about the decision and it may result in Bryant leaving the Cubs.

There will be no such issue with Robert.

A LOT still has to go right for the Sox but they are definitely headed in the right direction. A good White Sox team will mean that the two Chicago baseball teams will be competitive at the same time, something Chicago hasn't seen in a very long time.

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