If you're just arriving back in civilization and were unaware, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series last Wednesday night. You may already be wearing your Cubs World Series Championship hat, t-shirt, sweatshirt, sweatpants, etc. Looks good on you. But, have you ever considered what happens to the losing team's pre-printed victory gear?

I really hadn't thought about it until I saw someone comment on social media that "a lot of kids in Burundi will be sporting Cleveland Indians world championship clothing in a few days."

Every time there's a major sports championship, hats, clothing, and other world champion stuff is printed up for both teams. However, the gear that was printed up for fans of the losing team used to be shipped out immediately after determining the winner to various destinations overseas.

Not anymore, at least with this year's World Series victory gear:

Too bad. Burundi is very big on the Cleveland Indians.

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