Forget traveling to a third world country in search for a Cleveland World Series Champs hat, it's not gonna happen.

It's amazing to think that after each huge sports season comes to an end, there are boxes and boxes of championship gears that doesn't actually hit store shelves.

If the Cubs had not won the World Series, we wouldn't have those hats and t-shirts we've been wearing for the last week, instead those items would've been shipped back to the manufacturers and donated to third world countries.

Until this year.

According to the Huffington Post, losing team championship gear is generally donated to a Christian nonprofit, World Vision.

Those items are then given to those in need in less fortunate countries.

So I'm sure you've wondered like I have, how come we never see any of this gear? We live in a such a documented world, you'd expect someone somewhere to come across one of those champ t-shirts and try to sell it online.

Turns out Major League Baseball feels the same as I do. This year, in fear of someone finding one of those Cleveland Champs shirts, they will be destroyed. In fact, they probably already are.

Sounds pretty greedy, but there is more to the story, apparently donating those items to developing countries hurts the clothing producers in the area.

It's a whole long thing, and thus MLB has decided to just demolish the Cleveland gear.

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