Natalie O'Neill of the New York Post had a piece up yesterday that has garnered a lot of interest, and a lot of arguing.

In the article, headlined "Woman harassed 108 times in 10 hours on NYC streets," we get a look at what happens when volunteer Shoshana Roberts takes a long, long walk around Manhattan.


Sporting jeans and a crew-neck T-shirt, 24-year-old volunteer Shoshana Roberts drew repeated comments about her body during strolls around Manhattan — by guys who ranged from irritating to scary, the advocacy group said.

Dozens of men made comments about her figure, shouting “damn, girl!” and “nice!” — and even demanding she “say thank you!”

One creep followed her for five minutes, walking beside her in silence as she grew more and more uncomfortable.


The video was released by the non-profit Hollaback!, a group dedicated to combating and ending street harassment in 79 cities and 26 countries. Emily May is the executive director:


“I want people to see it and say, ‘Holy crap,” May said.

“All of these smaller comments add up, when you’re constantly bombarded throughout the day about how you look — it’s the sum of it all,” she said. “We hope people walk away with an understanding about how it feels.”


Ms. Roberts' boyfriend, Rob Bliss, hid a camera in his backpack, then walked in front of her to record what happened. According to Hollaback!,


“Hollaback! created the video as a “viral tool to support advocates, legislators, citizens, and victims in their fight to raise awareness and end street harassment worldwide,” according to the organization.

It defines the “108 instances of verbal harassment” as any comment that where Roberts felt intimidated or uncomfortable.


Lots of reaction to this online, with many agreeing that what Shoshana endured was terrible, but others saying that many of the comments to her were complimentary, and should not be looked upon as harassment.

Take a look and decide for yourself.


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