Like many of us, some roads around the state could cut back a little and go on a diet.

For people, that means drinking more water, eating less McDonalds, and getting a little more exercise. For our roads, it means reducing the number of total lanes and/or repurposing existing lanes for other modes of transportation to make travel a little safer.

Rockford's Most Out Of Shape Road


You might remember the tragic accident in 2021 that claimed the life of East High School student Mason Hada. The car that struck and killed Hada was reportedly going close to 100 MPH when the vehicle Hada was travelling in was struck.

NOTE: The driver in that fatal accident, Deahri Steele, is currently out on bond. Steele's current whereabouts are unknown. If you know anything about Steele's whereabouts, contact the Rockford police.

A recent study done on the traffic travelling down Broadway had some pretty alarming results. The study done in September of 2021 showed that 85% of drivers on Broadway drove at least 10 miles per hour over the 35 MPH speed limit with many drivers regularly doubling the speed limit going 70 MPH or more.

Anyone that has driven down Broadway probably isn't surprised by the results.

Broadway's Diet Plan

The familiar battle cry for anyone thinking about changing their lifestyle is "The Diet Starts Tomorrow." For Broadway, the diet should start sometime during the next 18 months.

The big change to Broadway will be a reduction of lanes. Instead of 4 total lanes, 2 going each way, Broadway will be restriped for 3 total lanes. One lane each for east/west traffic and a middle lane for drivers making a turn.

The thought is that not only will the reduction of lanes slow down traffic, but the center turn lane will ease congestion.

The final plan will incorporate other features like bike lanes and additional stop lights.

Funding for the road diet has not yet been allocated, the city is looking into a grant to fund the program.

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